Completed Works

Snooze  (YA Romantic Comedy)

She’ll never forget their first kiss. He can’t remember it.

Fifteen-year-old Kat Connor dreams of finding the kind of love that she’s only read about in her mom’s romance novel collection. One steamy night in the summer of 1985, she’s sure she’s found her own shirtless hero when a boy wanders into her front yard, singing a power ballad with the voice of an MTV star. They share their first kiss, the first kiss of many. But he always takes off before Kat can find out who he is.

When school starts, Kat finds her mystery kisser in her geometry class. He’s the new kid, Phillip Trumble. Super nerd. Total jerk. Sleepwalker? Turns out, Phillip slept through all of their late-night encounters, and he has no idea who Kat is. Worse yet, he’s way different from his nighttime alter ego. In his waking hours, he can’t even carry a tune.

Kat’s about to hit snooze on her hopes of romance when she sees a glimpse of her mystery kisser’s charm hiding under Phillip’s geeky exterior. So she hatches a plan to turn him into the perfect boyfriend. But if she pushes him too far, Kat could risk losing her first chance at love.

Mena Ravencraft and the Golden Sun Disc  (Middle Grade Action/Adventure)

Mena Ravencraft has it tough being the only normal one in a family of oddballs. Heck, she might be the most normal person in all of Port Dreary. Her steampunker parents run a Victorian oddities shop, her brother Iggy likes to play dead, and their cat is weird (even for a cat). Mena can’t wait to get away from the weirdness and seek out adventure like her treasure-hunting grandpa. She grew up listening to his stories about the famous explorer Calvin Bradburn’s search for a lost city of gold in the jungles of South America.

Mena finally gets her chance for adventure when her father takes her on a buying trip for the oddities shop. What starts as an auction at a soon-to-be-demolished mental hospital turns into a hunt for the greatest treasure ever excavated—the Inca’s golden sun disc.

She’s not going to let anyone stand between her and this treasure. Not a narcoleptic hunchback. Not a cab driver looking for the mother ship. And not the three creepy sideshow performers who are racing her for the prize.

Playing Possum (Middle Grade Humor)

Graham Ellis has always suspected that his little brother has had it in for him. The problem is that no one sees it but Graham. Seven-year-old Teddy has the kind of round, dimply cheeks that grown-ups can’t keep from pinching.

Graham does everything he can to avoid Teddy, and he thinks has the perfect plan. Pretend to be asleep—play possum—until Teddy leaves him alone. It seems to work until Graham opens his eyes and discovers he’s turned into a real live possum, and his brother makes it clear that he’s responsible for his transformation.

Surviving the wild is a lot harder than trying to survive the seventh grade. Possums are the least popular animal in the forest, and Graham has to dodge predators, cars, and his next-door neighbor’s leaf blower. If he doesn’t get changed back to his normal self soon, he could stay like this forever. The only person he can turn to for help is mega-nerd and possum advocate, Milton Burger, the kid Graham helped torment on the school bus every day.

Now Graham just has to convince him of who he is and hope that Milton can forgive him long enough to help him defeat Teddy and get back home.